Freight consolidation/Deconsolidation

Consolidation is a process of combining small shipments into one large shipment and deconsolidation is the breaking of one large shipment into smaller ones. Our consolidation service & deconsolidation service is very effective in reducing the warehouse inventory and enabling the products to reach where the demand is. We handle a large volume of consolidated LCL consignments. Globus Logisys uses advanced technologies for the consolidation services. Also, we have an expert staff that is very efficient in handling these services. Our highly trained staff takes care of the consolidation services on the basis of what inventory is required at what place. Also, we take care of the deconsolidation services in a way that products are organized properly and managed into pieces, so they can reach the marketplace in lesser time.

We have an independent and highly successful export consolidation service. We arrange warehousing and distribution services for our esteemed clients and also storage of imported goods at competitive charges. We own a huge and spacious warehouse for accommodating cargo. We ensure complete safety and security measures at our warehouse. We also make sure of cleanliness and the right temperature inside the warehouse so that all conditions are well maintained.