About Us

Globus Logisys, a brainchild of Mr. Anil Agarwal, came into existence in 2003 and built on the ethos of pioneering spirit, distinctive experience, and sheer perseverance. Globus Logisys is one of the most customized international logistic service provider and progressively expanding supply chain partner to top most business organizations and government agencies within India and other 126 worldwide.

In order to expand Globus Logisys global footprints as well as its service spectrum, Mr. Agarwal decided to start his operational center at Mumbai. Since then, it has grown from strength to strength and have expanded our horizons by establishing regional presence in cities such as Delhi(NCR), Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kanpur and Panipat . We also have office across the border including Nepal, Bhutan and Japan

Business Vision

Globus Logisys exists to enable businesses facilitating their global logistics solutions for a delightfully profitable and sustainable future on a consistent and long-term basis.

Business Mission

Globus Logisys provides Global Logistics quality services and Customized Business Solutions in a Time Efficient, Cost Effective manner generating Long Term Relationships that deliver significant life time value to all stakeholders.

Core Values

  • INTEGRITY: State of being honest, complete and having strong moral principles
  • EXCELLENCE: The quality of being outstanding or extremely good
  • RESPONSIBILITY:  The state or fact of being accountable. IT’S A PRIVILEGE. YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE.
  • TEAMWORK: The combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient
  • QUALITY INNOVATION: Successful conversion of new concepts and knowledge into new products, services, or processes that deliver new customer value in the marketplace.
  • CUSTOMER FIRST: We put the needs and requirements of a customer ahead of anything and everything else.
  • DEPENDABILITY: Includes Trust, Reliability, Durability, Safety, and Security 
  • FAST – SPEED AND MOMENTUM: Rapid motion or progress
  • HUMILITY – SIMPLICITY: The quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance.
  • RESULT ORIENTATION: An assessment that is based on the product rather than the process. Any endeavor in which the outcome is more important than the action taken to achieve that outcome is an appropriate context for results oriented

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