Break Bulk And Ship Chartering

Globus Logisys provides worldwide bulk chartering and shipbroking services. Our long term international associations with ship owners, charterers, ship brokers and operators across the world has helped us carve a niche for ourselves in the world shipping market. Our extensive services cover every segment of chartering industry from running vessel fleet to chartering vessels fora range of cargoes, heavy industrial machineries, vehicles, boats and more. Run by skilled, dedicated and experienced brokers, the chartering division of Globus Logisys is committed to provide clients personalized services of highest industry standards.

This is a process in logistics wherein usage of special equipment is required proving this to be an expensive task. With tenacious partners located in key transport hubs around the world, we are often able to negotiate space on conventional vessels for break bulk, dramatically reducing costs whilst providing reliable cargo transportation.

This kind of undertaking requires determination and commitment, as well as solid knowledge of specific ports and shipping lanes. Often creative thinking can solve break bulk cargo shipping problems. Unlike our competitors who would often apply the most obvious solution to difficult shipments we will look for the most effective and logical solution.