Where does your medicine come from; a logistics insight

Where does your medicine come from

The beginning of 2020 may have seemed to be a little bumpy but it has taught us to commend and appreciate one another. Through these difficult times, we all have learned a lesson on how to be self-sustainable individually and collectively as a nation. Contributing to this, many industries have paved the way for the world to get through the crisis spread across the globe because of the pandemic. One of the most note-worthy industries is the logistics industry and it isn’t a surprise that our friendly neighbourhood delivery partners have had a large impact.

Logistics redefined

With the problem of lockdowns imposed and recommended by national and world governments, the logistics industry had a major setback by hampering their commercial routine. With the movement only restricted to FMCGs and essentials, a lot of other sectors that were facilitated by delivery and transport services previously were halted until the resurgence was kept ready. This necessitated a reformation of the supply chain to serve their consumers with commodities according to those allowed by the safety guidelines, listed by the world governments.

This reformation resulted in providing ease that promoted the ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ tagline which assured all to stay within safe bounds, by the distribution of essential items across the world.

The transformation from being commercial movers, to becoming saviours

Through co-operative strategies, the countries of the world resorted to using the services offered by the logistics industry for the feasible transport of necessary items. These necessary items were no longer minor goods, but medicines required for the treatment of the disease. India produces 70% of hydroxychloroquine which was an essential element that catalysed the treatment of active COVID-19 patients. Alongside this, countries with lesser affected populations, transported safety/PPE kits to medical professionals in highly affected and populous countries to help contain the virus.

One can hereby realise that the logistics industry became an essential resource to facilitate such global movement and help, hence marking a torchlit example as a true saviour, not just on the minor level but also for the majority.

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